July 18th, 2001

Surfers Win Again!

The SacWeb surfers edged out the Super Egos 11 to 10 last night, extending their winning streak to... I dunno, like four. It was a good time.

Julie and I worked on Juliecam some more. I cleaned up the interface on the photo database. Hopefully people will find the included content to be valuable. By the time Julie is done populating that area, there will be around 300 or 400 images all organized by category and keyword searchable.

Juliecam Journal Icons

Julie's enjoying a lot of attention for her mood-related LiveJournal icons. I decided it would be best to maintain logo branding wherever possible, and furthermore, I didn't want mrflagg looking at the old icons where she's half naked. He's creepy. knightwizard, on the other hand, is pretty cool, as far as Julie's fans stalkers go. So we'll just send him naked pictures via email from now on.

I made Julie decide on her 6 most frequent mood, because I believed that 6 was the limit on LJ icons. But today I noticed that liz has 10. Is 10 the limit? Is there no limit for paidmembers?

I'm Controversial!

Actually I'm not. My opinions are very un-controversial, which is a problem because I like it when a lot of people respond to my journal entries.

So rather than forming some controversial opionion, let's pretend I just posted something really shocking.

Go ahead and comment now.

I'll get you started: "Finally, someone is brave enough to say what we've all been thinking..." or "Your post angered me because..."