July 24th, 2001

Total Destruction!

Regarding 14th Street in front of our building. There's a huge hole in the earth where the entrance to our parking lot once was.

LB has been picking me up on his way to work so we can share the hassle and expense of parking in the garage down the street.

Rumor has it that the construction guys will let you drive over the sidewalk to get into our lot, but I think I'd rather pay the $3 rather than risk plummeting into the depths of hell.

New Friend!

Welcome carrieann! What a great username.

I like getting lots of friends on my list. Especially chicks (sorry knightwizard).

I want to be a big wheel like ana and have a bunch of people kissing my butt on a daily basis. So, August is NAKED MONTH on JarrettCam.

Hopefully I can get the breast implants between now and then.