August 5th, 2001

The Launch Party

The party was a huge success! It's a good thing the cams were saving everything... it helped to refresh my memory. I'm still recovering.

Here are some party cam pics. The real photos are on the way.

I had such a great time. I don't remember ever having as much fun as I did last night, honestly. I got somewhat destroyed, but it was great. Great people. It was all great.

From the real life world we had Peg (mom), Gretchen, Chris, Niki, LB, John, Shaun, Josh, David and Lucas. And from the virtual world we had eris, kendryk, kalthrax, imjstagrrl, snwbrdette, lesliebeard, pea, lanejaneca, Chris from Gigglecam, and a handful of other people who wandered in and out.

I really loved meeting all the new people. Leslie kept me laughing out loud most of the night. Pea is a sweetheart. And Chris (giggles) is just one of the nicest people I've ever met in my life. I'm genuinely sad that she lives so far away.

Read party stories from julie, imjstagrrl, eris, and leslie.
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Juliecam Gets a Review

From Gabby Moe's Gossip Gazette Rob-Ont's Gab Rag:
    So there's a million and a half cam sites (I know I've checked them all), and for the most part it's all the same crap. (Thanx Rob - it's important to know your audience *AHEM*) So Gabby "asks" me to review QTKats new site design . I would love nothing more than to say it's a pile of smoldering camel dung but it's a sad day for me cuz I can't. So here's a big "7 Ejaculating Penises" salute to Julie and Jarrett on a truly exceptional job on the site design. (surely you can use a different measure to rate this instead of using male genitalia?) You can also see pics from their JulieCam party here.

The parts in red are interjections from Rob's editor.

It looks like we got a good review, although I'm unclear on how high the "ejaculating penis" scale goes. Seven sounds like a respectable number, in any case.
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