August 22nd, 2001

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I dreamt that I had insomnia.

That's a Steven Wright bit isn't it?

Well it really happened to me. In my dream I was tossing and turning restlessly all night. How odd it was to wake up and realize I'd been sleeping all along.

Today is going to be a busy day.
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A lot of you are probably asking yourselves, "I wonder how Jarrett's day went?"

I'm pleased to report that it went very, very well. I'm starting to really enjoy not having a job.

Although, I had an important lunch meeting that was very encouraging, and I've got some new, solid leads on permanent employment as well as juicy contracts.

After my lunch meeting I spent the rest of the afternoon chillin' by the pool with kendryk, lesliebeard and fleeky. It was very fun and relaxing. They are good people.

Then this evening, Ryan, Chris, Anna and Niki came over and we played poker. I almost broke even, but more importantly, Chris lost all his money, which is always very satisfying. I invited the neighbors over, but I think Eris was busy dying her hair. Spanky promised he'd stop by after doing the dishes, but he never made it. That's wasn't very janky of him, but I'm sure he had a good reason.

I'm going to go to bed now.