September 7th, 2001

Tough Decision...

I have two very good job offers. They're both so good I'm having trouble deciding what to do.

Job "A":
  • Over $500 more per month
  • Longterm stability (150 years so far)
  • Unlimited equipment budget (I could build my dream workstation)
  • Chance to work with one of my best friends
  • More familiar technology (ASP and SQL)
  • More vacation / holiday time off
  • Excellent benefits
Job "B":
  • Probably more fun
  • Chance to work with one of my best friends
  • Chance to work with other talented designers
  • Chance to design high-profile websites
  • Good benefits
  • Better parking
  • Occasional company outings (movies, etc)

Maybe a LiveJournal Poll.

What job should I take?

Job "A". Show me the money!
Job "B". Have some fun!
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While I was waiting for Internet Explorer 6 to install I decided to go through the piles of papers and envelopes on my desk. I found all kinds of interesting things, including an unpaid credit card bill for Julie, 2 CD-ROMs, and two dollars cash. I put all my 2001 reciepts in a shoebox for safekeeping. It's staggering the amount of money I spend at Target.