September 10th, 2001

Good News (Sort of)

John Ferguson committed suicide after killing 5 people and injuring two others. Did you know he was only twenty years old? From MSNBC:
    ...Ferguson was also said to have told co-workers that he intended to kill people at random, possibly going into a movie theater or other crowded area.

It's nice living in a city where stuff happens. Thankfully, I didn't know any of the victims.

Let's go see a movie.

I Got a Party Invitation!


You are hereby invited to Jarrett's birthday party! Oh my, what will you give him? He's VERY excited and LOVES gifts. *giggle* We'll have some food and drinks but it's best if you BRING YOUR OWN ALCOHOL. Much fun will be had! Please engage in crazyness with us. You'll be 'cool'.

You WANT to be 'cool' right?

When: Friday, September 14th 7:00 pm
Why: Because we love him and it's his 25th birthday

Feel free to bring games and anything else you'd think would be fun!
(god I hope I remembered anyone, If I've forgotten anyone, please forward this to them if you think jarrett knows them)

julie the manager of this complex...NO WILD PARTY like JULIECAM.NET LAUNCH PARTY! heh

I think I have other plans, though.