September 19th, 2001


I'm back at work again. Although, I'm not sure I should call it "work". I'm not really doing anything yet.

I'm waiting. For something.

I'm supposed to get an office today, and probably even a desk. I haven't heard if my computer has even been ordered yet. Right now I'm still borrowing Lauren's computer. She's a high school student (and Joe's daughter) so she's only here after 3.

I'm still learning about how things work around here. Yesterday's biggest revalation was that there's a coffee shop on the fourth floor. Word on the street is that they make really good sandwiches.

Wednedsday is Nacho Day.

I got a parking ticket on Monday. Parking around here is impossible. I've resigned myself to just parking over at SacWeb and walking down here. It's six blocks, so the hike takes me between five and ten minutes. A little exercize never killed anyone, I guess. I think I need more comfortable shoes.

Joe, who is mainly responsible for getting me hired here, is kind of my guide. He's a little busy to help me... or to give me anything to keep me busy. He apologizes, but I tell him not to worry about it. It's a time of transition, so things are crazy for everyone. At SacWeb I was occasionally in charge of people with nothing to do, and it always annoyed me when they whined about it.

Yesterday Joe gave me a tour of the whole building. It turns out that it's actually two seperate buildings connected by a walkway on the 2nd and 4th floors. There are 700 people working here. The elevators talk to you. The freight elevator doors could likely crush every bone in your hand if you're careless in closing them.

I think I'll head up to the fourth floor to get some coffee. I'll tell the elevator you said "hi".

I Am the Dottie Pimp

Here are sites that I designed that are now Dottie finalists:Considering there were 930 sites nominated, I think it's pretty neat that 9 of the 80 finalists were designed by me. There were about ten others that I had contributed to in some way.

I hope Juliecam wins.

Still need some ideas for the flash intro.