September 24th, 2001

Back to the Job

My, I'm a sleepy one today. I feel like I should get something started before I trek upstairs to get some caffiene. Mocha or Mountain Dew? It's hard to decide.

I'm all by myself in Room 128. Someday, I'll be joined by at least three more people, but for right now, it's very quiet and a little lonely. I visited Mike and Josephine a little while ago. They're on their own now, since Chris B. has gone on his honeymoon for two weeks.

I'm looking forward to having Chris C. around. He's supposed to be starting tomorrow, assuming he made it to Hawaii and back in one piece.

Hmmm... Mocha or Mountain Dew?

Chris is Gone.

Chris didn't want to work all day today. We went to CSUS and got him all set up and hired, then we had some lunch over at Bud's Buffet. We discussed how the office ought to be set up and came up with a pretty solid plan.

I'm going to draw some floorplan diagrams to make sure our plan is feasible.

I had Mountain Dew. It was good.