September 27th, 2001

Happy Happy Happy

Work is going great. Chris and I are getting our office all set up and having a good time. I think we fit into California State jobs like one of them square pegs.

Yesterday was the coolest. They had to drill a hole in our floor, so we went to fetch Joe for a Fry's run. On the way out we happened to run into Mike (the boss). And he says, get this, "Why don't you take the electric car?"

Why don't you take the electric car?

So we did! We drove the Honda EV Plus around town, and up to Fry's in Natomas. When you turn the ignition, nothing happens. No noise. It feels mostly like a car, except for the conspicuous absence of a noisy engine. It accellerated as well as my little Civic does, and quietly hummed along at 75 MPH on the freeway.

Then we spent like $800 at Fry's. I finally got a WACOM tablet for work. The Intuos2 6x8. It's blue.

I love my job!
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