September 29th, 2001


I got up bright and early this morning. I just couldn't sleep past 8 for some reason. I got word on the street that the Toys R Us in Citrus Heights was getting a shipment Friday night, so I decided to hit them when they opened at 10am so I could try to get the Simpsons Toys R Us exclusive playset. Spanky went with me.

They didn't have any. They had four, but they'd sold them all. The other two TRUs told me the same thing. I'd really really like to find one of these things in the store. I'd hate to be forced to buy one on ebay.

Any LiveJournalers out there working for Toys R Us? Help me out!


(Bring Your Own Chicks)

We're getting ready for David and Lucas' birthday party. Being that they drive down the queer side of the street (if you get my meaning) they don't expect a lot of chicks at the party. I was gonna try to get imjstagrrl and snwbrdette to come along, since they're female, they've met David and Lucas over here on a couple occasions, and I so enjoy their company.

But Shalini's not online now.