October 3rd, 2001

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I'm not feeling too good today. I think I drank too much coffee this morning, then I crashed pretty hard this afternoon.

Good news, though. I went down to the Toys R Us just off Florin Road and they had the Exclusive Treehouse of Horrors II Playset. They weren't even putting them on the shelves. I had to ask the lady at the customer service counter if I could please have one. Then I asked for another one, so I could keep one in archival MIB condition, and open the other.

Kang and Kodos are the coolest.

Reaction from the Angry Mob

From the Jennicam Fan Forum:
    The "Dottie Awards" are looming and I've never seen such groveling and begging over at JulieCam. They are sending out e-mails, pleading in their journals, and asking people with several e-mail addresses to vote as many times as they can. Yep..nothing like pushing people to stuff the ballot box..thats a real victory.

    The catagory they are nominated in is "Weird and humourous"..neither description particularly fits the site enough to win anything.

    It also appears they are not winning, either...prompting a last ditch effort to cram that box with votes.
Having one's integrity attacked by the good people of the Jennicam Fan Forum is like getting an anger management lecture from the Incredible Hulk.

Man, we're oozing humor over here.