October 23rd, 2001

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Omigodtherewasthisguyandhecameoverandhewaslike, Wheeeeeeeee!

What's happening, LiveGerbil Land?

It's Tuesday, which means a bunch of DVD's and games are probably hitting stores which I can't afford right now. I guess I don't have much time to watch or play them anyways... since I'm doing lots of sidework lately... so I can get more money... so I can buy more DVD's and games.

Anybody playing that Devil May Cry game? That looks pretty cool.

Windows XP is coming out tomorrow, which I desperately need to go get. I foolishly installed Windows ME on some of my computers, and now I'm really, really regretting it. That OS sucks so much ass, and Microsoft doesn't have much incentive to fix it. That's okay, cause XP looks pretty rad by most accounts.


Life is so good! Today has been the best day.

I got hit with a pile of unexpected money that I didn't even have to work for.

Looks like more money is coming in the future, although, I'll probably have to earn it.

Yay! Money!