October 29th, 2001

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We're having a good time in Hollywoodland.

David had to go to work today, but he's going to meet us for breakfast at eleven. After that I think I'll take some more pictures around Hollywood Boulevard, and check out the imprints at the Chinese Theater. They're restoring the theater back to it's original glory, and even changing the name back to Grauman's Chinese Theater. I don't know how Mann feels about that. But in the meantime, the facade is covered by scaffolding. Once they're done, though, I think it will be a big improvement. And with the new luxurious Kodak Theater right next door, it's going to be quite the fancy street.

Other than that, I think we might take it easy and see some movies today or something.

Then tomorrow morning it's off to see Jeopardy!, which will be the climax of the long weekend. Send some good trivia vibes to my friend Anna, so she'll win lots of dough.

(no subject)

We went to a special screening of The Man Who Wasn't There at the Egyptian Theatre. It was amazing. I think I liked it as much as Fargo, which is one of my favorite movies.

At the end of the movie, everyone in the theater stayed to watch the credits. They even clapped when certain names popped up. David pointed out that this being the first showing of the film in Hollywood, there's a good chance that a lot of those people in the credits were there watching with us. I think that's kind of cool. It makes me feel more connected to the experience.

David says the only people who see movies in Hollywood are tourists and industry folk. I think we were just about the only tourists there.

Anyway, when The Man Who Wasn't There comes to your town, you have to see it. Especially if you like the Coen Brothers.