October 30th, 2001

Last Day in Hollywood

We're getting all our gear packed up, fixin' to head out to Sony Studios in Culver City for the Jeopardy! taping. It's quite exciting!

Last night when we were wandering around Hollywood, someone gave us tickets to go to a taping of The Weakest Link today at 5:30. That sounds way better than Craig Kilborn, especially since tonights guest is Bob Saget. I'd go for the Olsen Twins, but not Saget.

Anyworld, if we go see The Weakest Link that will get us home much later than we'd planned, but gosh... I really love that damn show.



The only two states with three double letters; they border each other.
What are Mississippi and Tennessee?

That was the Final Jeopardy question for Anna's taping. Sadly, she didn't win. But she did come in third. Most importantly, she looked good. Comfortable. She got both the Daily Doubles wrong, and ran out of time as she wrote her Final Jeopardy response. The girl who did win was on a roll, and probably won all five episodes. I only stayed to watch three.

More on Jeopardy! tomorrow.

I just got home and I'm really tired.