November 8th, 2001

Dark Age of Camelot

I decided to go ahead and quit my job to play DAoC full time.

Well, that's what I feel like doing. After investing about four hours into the game, I feel like I just had my first taste of crack cocaine.

The game is fascinating and complex. I've never played a MMORPG before, so everything is new to me. I've already figured out how to kill the little critters running about around newbie town, collect their pelts and sell them to merchants. I've completed a few little quests and paid tasks, upgraded my weapon, and bought some new duds. I'm almost up to level 4 already.

chrysus, aka Chris' Cousin Mike, joined me for some group questing. We made a pretty good team. The town they started me out in was full of lost new players, so it was easy to find people to hang out with and try to learn the game.

Now, does anyone know where I can find Sveck? He supposedly lives in the fort across from Audliten, wherever that is.