November 21st, 2001

Merry Christmas!

I just finished updating the ol' wish list. Find it here:As great as life would be if strangers were to buy things off my list, this never happens. As a camwhore, I'm not very effective. It's my family back east who needs to know what kind of stuff I want for Christmas. They beg me to do a wish list.

Now if only I knew what to buy for them.

Ah, Penny Arcade (

The best online gaming comic out there. Today Tycho is ranting about Dark Age of Camelot (into which I've been pouring all my free time). He mentions that he'll be putting up a journal for his DAoC character, to chronicle his experiences. Anyone foolish enough to click the link gets this:
    Jesus Christ, what you must think of me! I will not, ever, write a journal of my character in-character - for that is the dark side, from which no man may return! What's left for me after that, fan fiction? Live Journal? Sweet Lord! The very thought makes me want to bathe in lye.
My favorite comic writer taking a shot at LiveJournal. It makes me smile.