December 18th, 2001

(no subject)

So... sleepy...

I got really sick in the middle of the night, between two and three in the morning. Then after six Julie started hacking up a lung. She's home in bed today. I'm fighting sleep here at the office.

Tomorrow is my last work day of the year, so don't feel too sorry for me.

A Mysterious Email...

    From: The T.A. []
    Sent: Tuesday, December 18, 2001 5:34 PM
    Subject: Hi.

    Hello Julie. How are you? I doing fine.I would just like to report that your boyfriend is a geek. He used to where pi shirts to school, and he memorized at least the first 40 decimal places of pi. Pesonaly, I think he is a DORK. With a capital D. If you are even consitering marrying him, I would think twice. He is fat. I think you look beautiful, but if you marry him, you will lose your beauty just as fast as you got it.
That really made me giggle. Everyone knows Julie basks in my glorious geekdom, and envies my pure, refined dorkhood.

For the record, I never had a shirt with pi on it, although I would definitely wear one. It would go with my <GEEK> tshirt, my ALL YOU BASE... tshirt, and my favorite molecule tshirt.

And as for actually memorizing 40 digits of pi? I admit it. But it was during senior year calculus class, and I was extremely bored. Someday that knowledge will come in handy, along with the backwards alphabet, and the lyrics to 1989's McDonald's Menu Song.