January 14th, 2002


I have been asked many times, "Jarrett, when is your friend Anna going to be on Jeopardy!?"

Wednesday. Check your local listings.

On a side note, I was also in the audience for tonight's and tomorrow night's tapings. I'll bet good money that challenger Nanette is going to win three games in a row, but then lose on Thursday.

I'm going to remind you again tomorrow, and then again on Wednesday, that you have to watch Jeopardy! on Wednesday to see my good friend Anna get her but kicked by Nanette. Woo!

Kiwi Props!

My lifelong dream of being mentioned in a New Zealand newspaper has finally be realized. This column appeared in the Sunday News, a national tabloid with 477,000 readers per week. The chat room has had a steady stream of Kiwis since it ran.

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