January 24th, 2002

Holy Smoke!

Last night I built a fire then closed the fireplace flue by mistake. Do not try this at home. I was burning real wood logs too, not one of those Duraflame wax and sawdust dealies. So, now the whole house smells like a campfire. Even my clothes smell a little like smoke today.

On the bright side, now I don't expect Julie to complain when I conceal the fireplace with the 55" HDTV I'm planning to buy.

This morning I can't stop sneezing. I wonder if all the smoke inhalation has agrivated my delicate sinuses. Or maybe it's just allergies.

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I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Holy Wars... The Punishment Due is the greatest speed metal song that ever was and will ever be. I dare you to disagree.
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