January 27th, 2002

Grand Theft Auto

Last night Julie and I were getting ready for bed at about 1:30am. We had left the heater on all day, so we had the bedroom window open to try to cool things down. Someone's car alarm was going off on the street below. My car was in plain view, and Julie checked to make sure it wasn't my Honda calling for help.

A few minutes later we heard a loud mechanical noise, like metal scraping on concrete. I looked out the bedroom window and saw a white Cadillac parked right next to kalthrax's truck with two guys in it with a flashlight. Then there was that noise again. I can only guess it was them attempting to start the engine... perhaps crossing the wrong wires.

Julie called 911. A minute later, the Caddy roared to life and quickly sped off down the court. The police showed up not more than two minutes late, but in that amount of time the bandits could have made it to Interstate 5.

We live in an area with virtually no violent crime, but the highest rate of car and property theft in the entire city. This was the first time I've ever seen someone steal a car.
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