February 11th, 2002

Video Game Philosophy

Julie gets mad that I buy fifty and sixty dollar video games then quickly get bored with them. Then again, she also got mad that I put so many countless hours into Dark Age of Camelot. Although you can't really say they were "countless", because the game does, in fact, count them for you. By the time I reached level thirty I'd put in about nine days worth of time (about 220 hours). But I got tired of treadmilling, and archers were about to get nerfed yet again, so I closed my DAoC account. (Apologies for all the gaming terms, n00b).

And thus, I snapped out of MMORPG mode.

I went for a week or more not sure what kind of video game mode I was in. And I really didn't feel like playing much of anything. I tried to play Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy (PS2), but I couldn't get into Adventure/Platform mode. An excellent game, though.

So Chris's Cousin Mike came to hang out this weekend, and he got Half Life: Counter Strike up and running on my computer, a game I've never played despite how much I've heard about it, how universally loved it is, and how long it's been out. But the team-based stragegy reminded me a lot of the Return to Castle Wolfenstein multiplayer test I played with last year. The full game was on my Christmas list but no one got it for me.

Yesterday I had to go out to the mall and pick it the full retail version of Wolfenstein. I even got the so-called Collecter's Edition in the fancy tin. The one-player story has already sucked me in. I've gone from killing Nazis to zombies to Nazis running from the zombies. It's all kinds of fun and has amazingly beautiful graphics. If you don't have it already, you need to go out and get it now.

I am now, officially, in FPS mode. I'll be giving the PS2 a rest to concentrate on beating the Wolfenstein one-player mode, and learn to become l337 on the multiplayer maps. Then I might try to finish Max Payne, which was just starting to become rediculously difficult when I stopped playing.

Julie keeps asking why I haven't even installed Civilization III, which she bought me for Christmas. I'm really looking forward to playing this well-reviewed empire building game, but I just haven't snapped into Simulation/Strategy mode recently. When it happens, Civ 3 will be the first game I reach for.

Back to work. Must earn money for more video games.
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