February 14th, 2002

Holy Macaroni!

The California Lottery jackpot was unclaimed yet again. The current estimate for Saturday's drawing is $170,000,000.00. Time to throw some more cash into the office pool.

With the office pool situation, I don't really play to win. I play not to lose. For everyone in the IT department to become a millionaire except for me would be the worst nightmare ever. But, then again, I would be the new boss.

The Project

I'm rearranging the living room! Huzzah!

The entertainment center will be moved in front of the fireplace, being the only logical place to put a big-screen television.

I completed Phase 1 this morning. I cleaned out the fireplace. I tore the mantle off the wall with a hammer. I repainted the parts of the wall that were partially destroyed in the process. Finally, I closed up the fireplace with a piece of styrofoam and a black display board. I don't want the cat crawling back there and coming out covered in soot.

Satuday, David has volunteered to help me move the entertainment center, which is a big job! Don't worry though, we're professionals.

Progress so far.