February 19th, 2002

High Definition Lifestyle, Baby

So, what good is a high-definition TV without any high-definition programming? Not much, I say. I've been calling the local Dish Network dealers to get some price estimates. I think every city has that one guy who really knows what he's talking about, and I need to find that guy.

Fortunataly, my dad already went through all this. He has the 46" Mitsubishi HDTV. I talked to him this morning and he gave me the lowdown.

I need:
  • Dish Network Model 6000 Reciever (The heart of the beast)
  • 8VSB Tuner Cartridge (To decode over-the-air HD)
  • Dish 500 (Pointed to 119 and 110)
  • Dish 300 or 500 (Pointed to 61.5 or 148)
  • SW21 Switch (To switch dishes)
Sounds expensive doesn't it! It is. One local outfit wanted nearly $1000 for all that gear. I'm still calling around. I'd like to get someone out here Sunday afternoon.
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I was planning on selling my old TV to Chris, but his roommate just bought a new TV. So now I have to find a new buyer for the old one.

Sony KV32S42

It's a 32" Trinitron. It has some slight cosmetic damage (a crack in the chassis), but it's in perfect working condition. A comperable model would cost more than $600 at Circuit City. This one could be yours for $300.

Joe is interested... so get back to me quick if you want it.

HDTV in Sacramento

After doing some research, these stations are definitely broadcasting DTV right now:

StationNTSC ChannelDTV ChannelNetwork
Some other stations already have DTV licenses, but aren't broadcasting yet. By the end of the year our PBS station (KVIE) should be up and running. Although, I'm having trouble finding any specific info. All these stations hide their HDTV information like it's an industrial secret or something.