April 22nd, 2002

The Weekend in Review

Ah, the familiar Monday morning ritual. Let's try to wipe away the cobwebs and remember what we did the last three days.

Friday night after work I met up with David and Anna at the Esquire IMAX to see Space Station 3D, courtesey of Seraphein Beyn. It was amazing. It was the most amazing IMAX movie I've ever seen. If you live anywhere near an IMAX theater, you really have to try and go see it.

Saturday I spent most of the day here at the office. The rest of the evening me and Niki just vegged out on the couch. It was a very quiet and lazy 4/20.

Sunday I met up with David and Lucas to finally see Panic Room. I thought it was excellent. David Fincher is great. Sure, it was no Fight Club, but it was a smart, unique thriller, and certainly entertaining. After the movie I went grocery shopping with them, then back at their house I made some Hamburger Helper. It's become sort of a ritual.

I didn't spend enough time at the office. I'm way, way, way behind on my projects. It's going to be a taxing week.