May 4th, 2002

An Amazing Friday Night

Last night I met up with Little Brian, Anna, David W., David S., Larry, Josh and Gavin to see Spider-Man. I loved it. Before the show we spent almost two hours sipping drinks and eating appetizers at Applebee's. It was all kinds of fun!

David and Larry have finished moving back up from LA. We're all really thrilled to have them back in town again. Parties are just not the same without them. Soon Little Brian will be back in Sacramento again permanently, too. We should all get together and start a web design firm. Heh heh.

(no subject)

I'm at CDFA, trying to get some work done. I'm actually doing some really cool stuff. It seems easier to be creative when the office is empty. Weird.

I have no plans for tonight. Saturday night. What am I going to do? Maybe I can find Little Brian after the basketball game. Yah.