May 13th, 2002

I'm Back!

I just put a modem (like, the telephone kind) in my computer. Now I'm connected at a blazing 31.2 Kbps. I shouldn't complain. I know there are those who are always on dial-up, but I'm just spoiled by broadband. The cable modem service doesn't get installed until Friday, so this is definitely better than nothing.

So, here I am in my new apartment!

The Move

Saturday's move went smoothly and quickly. I can't believe how awesome my friends are. David W., Larry, Shaun, Chris and Anna all showed up to help. Many hands make for light work, so they say, but I'm still tired and sore from all the lifting and carrying.

I've been spending most of the weekend trying to unpack and set up the apartment. There seems like an endless number of little things to do, items to arrange, pictures to hang, but I'm attacking each project one at a time, and things are starting to come together. David has been helping me with all that stuff too.

So far the entertainment center is fully operational, except for that my satellite dishes are still on Julie's roof. But the rabbit ear antenna and DVD player are keeping me entertained during my breaks. The office is almost set up completely. The computer is all put together and working fine. The kitchen is unpacked and organized, but I keep discovering I'm missing little items, some not-so-conspicuous, like a pizza cutter and an ice cream scoop, others somewhat essential, like a microwave and a knife.

I've been making lists of things I need and I've already made a trip to Target and Walmart and dropped a few hundred bucks. Yikes. Now I'm going to be counting the days until payday again. I sure hope I get hired by the State soon.

All in all, I'm pretty thrilled about my new place. It's more room than I really need. It's in a nice neighborhood, and I think I can afford it. Living alone for the first time ever is going to be an adjustment, but I think I'll manage okay.

Maybe I'll throw a housewarming party this weekend.
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Good News Today

It's looking like I'll be a permanent State of California employee (Associate Information Systems Analyst Specialist) in four to six weeks.

Cross your fingers for me!

(no subject)

Just talked to the stolen check and forgery department at Wells Fargo. Someone wrote a $400 check with my now cancelled checkbook. Interestingly enough, it was check #1376, and the last check I wrote is #1369, so I suspect I'll be getting five more phone calls.

Some poor retailer is probably going to be pretty unhappy about these, but shame on them for not checking ID.