May 20th, 2002

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The clouds are parting and the sun is beginning to shine!

Ed, my dish guy just stopped by for a visit, and he gave me excellent news. My front porch is in the ideal spot to plant a tripod that will have an unobstructed view of all three Dish Network satellites. He has to get some more equipment, and come back tomorrow morning to put them up. He's going to charge me $120, but I'm more than eager to pay.

I'm really falling in love with this apartment. I may have to stay here for a long time.
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It looks like the end of the world out my window. What a mess. There is ice all over the place.

This may be one of the worst storms I've seen since I've been living in California. Seems to be moving quickly.

Lots of thunder. BOOM!

Funny You Should Mention...

Jarrett Heather: lights just blinked
Juliecam dot net: yeah!
Juliecam dot net: i was just gonna say that
Juliecam dot net: almost lost power
Jarrett Heather: blink!
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