July 10th, 2002

It's HOT.

Hot hot hot hot hot hot.

If you're in Sacramento, you know how hot it is. It supposed to be 108° today.

Chris and I just walked to the Hukilau to have a lunch party with the whole Media Leverage gang. It's only like four and a half blocks from here, but far enough to remind you why walking in this weather is not a great idea.

The air quality index is really high. That's bad. Mark Finan said it's "unhealthy for sensitive groups," and you know I'm a pretty sensitive person, emotionally. Ozone levels are up. That's bad, too. It seems to me if you could find a way to get the ozone out of our breathing air and transfer it to the hole over the Antarctic, you could solve two problems at once. Sounds like a Nobel Prize winning idea to me. Remember, you heard it here first.

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I pointed a big oscillating floor fan in my direction. The office laser printer is right next to my desk. Anytime someone prints anything it goes sailing across the room. Office fun.

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Maxis is revving up their money-printing machine again, announcing yet another Sims Expansion Pack. Now your Sims will be able to adopt pets, which seems odd to me, because Sims are pets. It's hard enough to keep Betty Newbie from pissing all over the floor, so I'm sure house-training her dog will be no picnic.

These games are definitely way out of control.