July 17th, 2002

Out of Control!

One little errand after worked turned into an entire evening. Thus is the nonstop roller coaster ride that is my life.

I went to Target with the lovely Anna during my lunch break. I needed a few things for around the house (like TP), but mainly I wanted to get my hands on a Top Secret! DVD, which was released today. I know, it's a stupid movie, but it's also one of my all time favorite stupid movies.

Anyway, Target didn't have Top Secret!, so needless to say, I was crushed. I decided I needed to head over to Best Buy right after work, and I invited Niki along, because I hate shopping for anything without a hot chick by my side. I picked her up, we went to Arden, and I got my DVD. Happy day. Then we decided we might as well have dinner. She'd been craving Sherri's, so we went there even though it's a bit out of the way.

We invited Julie even though she was supposed to be casting. Surprisingly, she joined us for dinner, then we all went back to Niki's to hang out. Then we watched television. I saw American Idol for the first time. My money is on Tamyra, even though Justin is my friend Josh's cousin's brother, and Kelly is the one I'd most like to have sex with. Did you notice that three of the finalists are named EJay, A.J. and RJ? Reminds me of Jack in the Box's Meaty Cheesy Boys.

Then I got tired and came home.

I told you it was a roller coaster ride! And I didn't even mention all the chocolate and peanut butter milkshake drama.

Needless to say, I'm exausted from all the excitement. I'll be headed for bed soon.

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