July 19th, 2002

Friday Five

1. Where were you born? Dover, Delaware.

2. If you still live there, where would you rather move to? I moved away from home when I was eighteen.

3. Where in the world do you feel the safest? Radio Shack.

4. Do you feel you are well-traveled? No, because I've never been out of the country. Although, I have been to San Francisco, Los Angelos, San Diego, Las Vegas, Reno, Tahoe, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington D.C. and Orlando.

5. Where is the most interesting place you've been? Baker, California, home of the world's largest thermometer.

(no subject)

We just got back from lunch. We went to the Hukilau Island Grill again. They have some good chicken sandwiches there. If you work in Sac, it's a great place for lunch.

Today is Hence's 40th birthday, so we had a mini-celebration in his honor. The real party is later tonight at some bar I've never been to, but it sounds like it'll be fun.