August 1st, 2002

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Woah, I have not posted all day! Guess I've been busy doing the work thing.

Last night Chris' Cousin Mike stopped by somewhat unexpectedly. We played video games for awhile, then I made him leave. Forcibly.

We were actually having a good time playing Warcraft III. I invented a new way to lose which is a lot of fun. When my undead army is just about to lose their base, I spread my accolites all over the map to haunt goldmines. By the time the enemy finds one, you'll aleady have started to build another one in a previously cleared-out area. If you can get the opponent(s) to start calling you mean names, then you've done your job. I had one guy running around for 20 minutes trying to find my accolites. Boy, was he mad.

I finally finished a little Flash project that landed on me. It's a pop-up ad for Cache Creek Indian Bingo and Casino, and it should be live on the site pretty soon. I want to show it off, cause it's not too bad for eight hours' work.

And as one project is finished, another one moves up in the queue. It sure does seem like I'm working a lot. I need to really keep track of my hours better. Unfortunately I spend more time thinking about projects and deadlines than actually working on them. The period of procrastination is just as stressful as the work, but harder to bill. I would really like to finish a couple big projects and just take a break from side-work.
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