October 1st, 2002

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I got almost no sleep Sunday night. I went to bed around 5:30 am.

Naturally, I was pretty tired yesterday afternoon. After work I went over to David's house to hang out a bit. I ended up napping there for about an hour. We hung out and played video games. I left around nine.

I got to bed before eleven, which is mighty unusual for me. I was dead asleep when the phone rang at midnight. The ringer on the phone in my bedroom is off, although I can hear the one in the kitchen fine. But it's not loud enough to wake me up. So, I have a habit of answering the phone without actually being awake. When someone asks, "I'm sorry, were you sleeping?" I always say no. Not because I don't want the caller to feel bad, but because I'm not actually aware that I am currently asleep. If the caller is really lucky, they get to hear me babbling about whatever is currently happening in my dream world. Usually about the time the caller is ready to hang up on me I fully realize where I am. "No, no, wait. Yes, of course I was asleep. I'm awake now. Who is this again?"

Last night it was Danielle calling. I can still only barely remember what we talked about. I think we have plans for tonight. Yeah, that sounds right. Actually, I think she said she wanted to iron my shirts and cook me dinner. Although, that sounds more like something I might have dreamt.
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