October 10th, 2002

Doing the Vacation Thing

Greetings from Maryland. I haven't been taken out by a sniper yet. The vacation is going well.

The night before last I hung out with Chris, my best friend from high school. We went to visit with his mom and dad, then we had dinner and shot some pool. Him and I still stay in touch for the most part, so we didn't have a whole lot of catching up to do.

At four o'clock today I'll be getting my tattoo. Tom decided to get the same tattoo as me. That's pretty cool. He also talked me into making it bigger than I had planned.

The rest of my vacation is pretty much booked solid trying to meet up with people. Tonight, it's Laura. Tomorrow night I'll be hanging out with Chris's gang in Dover. Saturday I'll be up in Newark hooking up with Darrell, then Lars. Sunday I'm having lunch with some friends before I leave to come home.

Someone asked if I was nervous about the tattoo. I think I'm more nervous about seeing Laura after nearly five years. Then again, I have a feeling my afternoon is going to be filled with a lot of pain. Wish me luck.

I miss you, Sacramento. I'm looking forward to coming home soon.