November 4th, 2002

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Wow, I'm really running late today.

But ironically, I've already gotten more done this morning than I do most days of the week.

I'm off to work... I'll fill you in on the weekend's events when I get to the orafice.
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Essay: What I Did This Weekend

This weekend had its ups and downs. I've had lots of ups and downs lately. Life is like a yo-yo on a roller coaster.

On Friday I had dinner with what's-her-name. We went out to the oh-so-trendy Esquire Grill. I had the chicken. It was excellent. After dinner we went to see Punch Drunk Love. No one warned me how bizarre that movie is. I think I liked it. I'm really not sure. It wasn't bad. But it was a little hard to get into. It was certainly unpredictable, which is always nice. I'm fairly certain my date was disappointed.

On Saturday I managed to get my hands on Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, thanks to some helpful sleuthing by Julie (qtkat). I haven't played the game much yet, but so far it's totally awesome and radical. Anyway, Julie and Chris (gigglecam) came over and hung out Saturday evening. We watched movies and played Jenga. All was good.

Sunday I cleaned house and worked on projects. Those projects may have included:Oh, yeah, well I guess that last one was a mission from the game. I did have to take a short break to eat and relax, y'know, and that game is good for releasing pent up agression. If you decide to click on those links above, remember these are projects I'm working on right now, so what's on the Internet now is all old and busted. The new hotness is on the way. I have more work do to on each of those projects tonight. Whee!
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