November 22nd, 2002

Fun, Fun, Fun!

I had a great time last night!

Danielle (yellzer) cooked a whole bunch of pork chops and mashed some potatoes. Then I picked up Niki. Then Little Brian (timepieces) showed up, then David (naughtybitz) and John (jensenpoet) arrived fashionably late, as per usual.

Dinner was awesome. That girl is one hell of a cook.

After dinner we watched Friends. Then we all played a game of Cranium. Danielle and I were an unstoppable force, although David and John came in a very close second place. I like that game. I learned a new word: callipygian. Of course, Danielle was looking quite callipygian, as usual.

I've been sending out IMs today telling people how callipygian I think they are. How such a concise and useful word fell out of the popular vernacular is a mystery to me.

Anyway, last night was a blast. And TGIF. I'm looking forward to the weekend. I'll probably be painting my bedroom tomorrow, so look out for actual photos of your chosen wall color.
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Yay for Friday!

I just had a lovely lunch with the lovely Danielle (yellzer).

She needed to borrow my digital camera and I forgot to give it to her last night, so that made for a nice excuse to meet her for lunch.

I came back from lunch to find that the Griffin Powermates I ordered yesterday had arrived. You may not have heard of these things. I've read a few articles about them. They call it a USB Multimedia Controller & Input Device, but it's really just a little knob with a button. I set it up to control my volume settings, but I think I need to play some Arkanoid now.

I can't really even describe how cool this thing is. I must have one for home.
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