December 12th, 2002


I got to work right at 8am today. I found a sweet parking spot in front of the building. I went to go move my car a little while ago and I had already gotten a ticket. I swear the meter must have been expired less than five minutes. Those bastards.

But I'm feeling too good to let an $18 parking ticket ruin my mood.

Part of our branch is being moved to another building on K Street next month. Word on the street is that some lady is trying to find someone to sublet her parking spot in the church lot right across the street. I hope I can get my hands on that spot. It's very close, but it's going to run me $95 a month. Parking is so rediculous here. It's definitely worth it.


I have little else to report at this time. I'm having some guys over to play cards tonight. Wish me luck on that one.

Gubernatorial Invasion

Governor Davis was just here for some food-drive kickoff event or something. Chris said that they're probably collecting cans for all the state workers that are about to get laid off.

The door to our office is right next to the entrance to the main auditorium, so they made us lock our door and told is we couldn't go through that way anymore. Maybe they didn't want us popping out and frightening the guards. Actually people kept coming by all morning to let us know not to open the door. It was right out of Office Space. "Yeah, I got the memo." The state can be so much fun.

Anyway, the governor's goons were all over the building lookin' tough, watching out for assasins, or whatever. We split for lunch. I think we missed the whole event. There's no need to meet the governor when I don't have my digital camera with me.