December 16th, 2002

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It was a rather eventful weekend. Let's do a breakdown:

I noticed just after lunch on Friday that my cell phone was not on my belt. I spent all weekend trying to hunt it down, but I haven't been able to locate it. It is officially lost. But I got some pretty good news on Friday anyway. I talked to the lady in training, and she was very eager to lease me her parking space. So, as soon as they move her office out of here, I'll have a parking spot to call my own. They are scheduled to move on January 10th. She's giving me the rest of January for free, then after that it's $95 a month. But it will be so worth it.

Friday night Danielle and I had dinner at Red Lobster. Yeah, pretty classy, eh? We like to kick it in style from time to time. She totally ravaged a snowcrab, but I had some cajun chicken pasta because I don't dig on shellfish (even though I grew up in Maryland). The dish was surprisingly good.

After dinner we met up with David, Adam, Jake and Brandy to go see Star Trek: Nemesis. My opinion, you ask? I like Star Trek, and I think the movie sucked some ass. It would maybe qualify as a pretty good episode of TNG, but was not worth my nine bucks by a long shot. The story was weak. It was all too familiar. There was nothing in it that was new or interesting enough to hold my interest. And some parts were so silly that the audience laughed when they weren't supposed to. I'd have been better off staying home and watching Khan again.

I'll cover Saturday and Sunday in a later post. I have to run right now.
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