January 2nd, 2003

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Happy 1/2/3 day.

So far the new year is going well. I think I might be finally shaking that stubborn cold. I decided to be defiant and not take any drugs today. I think the side-effects were getting to be worse than the symptoms.

On New Year's Eve Danielle and I had planned to have dinner, go to a party at her cousin Erik's house, then try to meet up with David and Larry at the bowling alley out there in Folsom. But after some Mongolian barbecue I suddenly felt very ill. We made it all the way to Folsom but then we turned around and headed back home. We rang in the new year on the couch. Danielle didn't seem too disappointed by our quiet evening at home. She's such a trooper.

I'd really like to think of this new year as a fresh start. I'm anxious to put the tumult of the last few weeks behind me and just lead a boring, predictable life for a little while.
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