January 7th, 2003

Video Game Fans Rejoice!

I broke my Gameboy Advance trying to install an Afterburner internal light kit. Actually it was mostly macklinr's fault. And to be fair, the light works rather well, but the d-pad is not responsive, and all the little screws are stripped to hell, which means it's hard to get into the chassis to make adjustments.

Plus I got furstrated with it and stomped on it a few times and threw it across the room.

Anywho, it looks like all my problems are solved now. The wonderful folks at Nintendo have announced a new version of the handheld console called the Game Boy Advance SP. It's smaller, it folds up, it has a rechargable battery and a built in light.

Wow, that thing looks cool. Too bad I can't get one until March 23rd.
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