January 28th, 2003

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Hello, friends. What's happening? Not much is going on around here. Just business as usual.

I've got a new project on my plate now. These contracts are really keeping me busy lately. I'm doing a logo and website for local radio personalities Shawn & Jeff. I've been really struggling with the project so far. I'm so used to doing boring websites that I've forgotten how to create something that looks... what's that word... fun. The first logo concept was shot down (after doing four other logos I was too ashamed to exhibit). So this project has gotten off to a rocky start. Hopefully tonight I'll be able to get things back on track again before this project makes me fall behind on everything else.

Soooo, there's not much else to report. Things have been going very well with Danielle, although we aren't going to be able to spend as much time together in the near future. She's going to have to spend more time at home taking care of her dog until I can think of some way to appease the slumlords of Riverbelle Park. She and I have been together for a whole month now, as Danielle had noted in her journal (with a pretty pic). We tried taking a picture with the dog included, but we needed him to operate the camera equipment instead.

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