February 21st, 2003

Greetings from Marydel, Maryland!

There is a whole lotta snow here. That's all they talk about on the news. Snow, snow, snow, snow. Dad said about half of it has melted so far, but there is still a solid two feet on the ground, and many plowed piles much taller than I am.

Tomorrow it's supposed to rain. A lot. They're saying we're going to have some serious flooding out here. Because of the weather conditions we're not going to be able to bury Grandad after the funeral.

Today, Tom and I are going to the Dover mall to enjoy some tax-free shopping. Then we have to be at the funeral home at three for a private family viewing, then the real deal at seven.

I sure miss my Danielle. I'm also going to miss out on all the heavy-lifting tomorrow when she moves her furniture into my apartment. I think she suspects that I planned all of this somehow in order to get out of the hard work, but I swear my Grandad died of natural causes.

Okay. More later.