June 23rd, 2003

Conference and Protests

There's some Technology in Agriculture Conference dealy today through Wednesday right here in Sacramento. They say it's the biggest political event ever hosted here in our city, even though it's the USDA's show, not California's.

So all those tree-hugging hippies are out today protesting against the use of genetic engineering. I actually read some propoganda somewhere on the Internet that suggested that you could catch the modified genes from these foods, which I assume would make you plumper, juicier and more resistent to pesticides. I just can't help thinking that these people have the wrong idea, and have a perverted view of the science at work here. And, y'know, I'm in the Ag industry, so my opinion is important.

I got to work pretty early, and everything was really quiet. I've been holed up in the office all day, as usual, and from my office window all I can see is the alley between this building and the Department of Veteran's Affairs next door. Just a minute ago about one hundred California Highway Patrol officers in riot gear lined up in the alley. There was some shouting, then they moved out towards Capitol Park. The conference is at the Convention Center on the other side of the park, about four blocks from here, so I don't expect we'll hear much more on this side of town.

Although I hear they are going to shut down the roads around the capitol for a march at 3:00 today. I plan to leave work before then, so I'll probably miss all the fun.