September 14th, 2003

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Thank you for the birthday wishes and stuff.

I had a great day!

Danielle got me a half nose mask for my Civic. I put it on earlier and it looks really sporty. I love it.

As I mentioned earlier, we spent the day at Six Flags Marine World. We met Adam, Travis, David S. and Niki there. The weather was nice, except it was a bit hot... maybe ninety degrees or so. But we had a blast! It's been more than five years since I've been to an amusement park. I almost forgot how much I love roller coasters. And Marine World sure has a lot of them. We rode Medusa (the tallest, fastest, longest and most technologically advanced roller coaster in Northern California), Kong, Tasmanian Devil, Boomerang, and the White Water Safari. Then we had a lunch break. We packed a cooler to avoid paying their outrageous food prices. After lunch we saw the dolphin show, then we checked out the shark exhibits, which were pretty neat. When it was time to ride some more rides we got in line for Zonga, their newest coaster. But just before we were about to get on Danielle had a bit of a spell. I think it was heat exhaustion. I got her off the platform and fixed her up with some water, and she's fine now, but we decided it was best to leave a little earlier than planned. I wasn't going to argue because I get worn out pretty quick and I was ready to head home and relax.

Later everyone (substituting David W. for David S.) stopped by the house for some birthday cake.

It's been a great birthday, but I am exhausted from all the fun. Boy, I'm getting old.