October 9th, 2003

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My car has no wheels. Someone snatched 'em.

They were just the plain ol' wheels that came on the car. I guess someone liked the style more than I do.

I was mad. I'm calmer now. I filed a police report. In awhile I need to talk to the insurance agent. Their office doesn't open until 9. I have State Farm.

I called the Honda dealership and my favorite tire retailer.

The wheels: Honda 15" 7-Spoke Alloy Wheel, #42700-S5D-A61, $170 each.
The tires: Firestone FR690, 185-65-R15, $90 each.

Total take: $1,040. Not bad for five minutes work in the middle of the night. Bastards.
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My policy includes coverage for $24 a day alternate transportation costs if my car is stolen. My agent wasn't real certain if that also applies if only the rolly parts of the car are stolen.

My deductible for this kind of claim is $250, so that means I'll have roughly $800 to put towards my fancy new wheels and... alarm system. Yeah, that seems like a good investment now.

Note to self: Keyless entry does not equal car alarm.

Expecting a call from State Farm later today.

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The car is getting towed in about an hour.

I need to get a quick ride back to the apartment so I can give the car keys to the apartment manager. I wish I had thought of that before I came to work.

Damn, I can't reach the manager on the phone. Maybe she's at lunch.

I suppose I could leave the keys behind the tire... oh, wait, I guess that's not going to work either.