November 17th, 2003

Not Your Typical Monday

So, what a great weekend! Could it have been any better? No, I don't see how.

But now we're back to work again. Today is going to be an interesting day here in Sacramento. In case you hadn't heard, we fired our governor and decided we'd rather have Arnold Schwarzenegger running the state. This morning the swearing-in ceremony is going to be at 11 AM on the west steps of the Capitol, which is practically across the street from my office. After that I will be officially working for The Terminator, although rather indirectly.

Sadly, I was not among the 7,500 folks invited to attend the ceremony (by some oversight, I'm sure). So, I'm going to walk around the capitol and check out the media mayhem from the outskirts.

Thankfully none of those thousands of people decided to take my parking space this morning. I half expected to find Tom Arnold's SUV in my spot.