November 30th, 2003

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Do you know where your name came from? I mean, why you are named as you are?

My dad told me that he saw a rerun of a TV western called The Big Valley around the time that he and my mom were thinking up names. One of the main characters on the show was called Jarrod Barkley. Dad kind of liked the name Jarrod, so they looked it up in the baby name book and found the variant "Jarrett", which ultimately was chosen, of course. Which is good, because I'm able to avoid comparison to Jared, the Subway guy.

Thanks to my Y-chromosome, I also avoided going through life as Lindsay Elizabeth. I don't know where they came up with that one, and I suppose now it's irrelevant.

An interesting coincidence: The Big Valley was set in the 1870's near Stockton, California, the city I ended up in when I first moved to California back in 1998. Also, Jerrod Barkley was a lawyer, and I'm a website developer. Spooky.