December 19th, 2003

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I have a violent case of the hiccups.


Wednesday I took the day off work and did a whole bunch of Christmas shopping.

Last night Danielle helped me wrap up all the presents. (Thank you, babe.)

This morning on the way to work I stopped at the UPS Store and got everything packed and shipped. I probably should have gotten everything done sooner, but I'm the type who does everything at the last possible moment. The box going to Texas contained 45 lbs worth of loot. The box going to Maryland weighed in at 31 lbs. The total cost of packing and shipping both boxes "3-day Select" was $163 — quite a bit more than any present I've bought so far. I should have bought my family stock in UPS.

It took the boys at the UPS Store awhile to get everything packed and weighed, so I ended up getting to the office a little later than usual. When I finally got in the elevator downstairs, two of the cleaning ladies got on and pressed the buttons for every single floor. They wanted to compare the Christmas decorations in each of the building's lobbies. I work on the top floor, so I was lucky enough to enjoy the entire festive ride.