December 26th, 2003

Post-Yule Bliss

I'm not suffering from any after-Christmas letdown this year. Although I'm back in the office already, it's a beautiful day outside. The sun is shining for the first time in days. Although it's only about 40° F here in Sacramento, you couldn't really ask for a more gorgeous morning. Plus it's Friday!

Christmas was great. Danielle and I spent the whole day at home. We got out of bed well before dawn to open our presents. Both our families sent us a whole lot of great stuff. My favorite presents were the Indiana Jones trilogy DVD set, Super Mario Brothers 3 for the Gameboy, and the kick-ass power drill set Danielle got me. Now I just need to find something around the house that needs more holes. There were a couple other video games I really wanted, but Danielle came to the rescue again with a GameSpot gift card.

By the time we got our presents all organized and got all the boxes and wrapping cleaned up it was barely past 8 am. So we lounged on the couch practically all day. We sat through three movies. I made Danielle watch Raiders of the Lost Ark. She pretended not to like it very much, but I don't see how anyone could not like that movie. I think she said she hasn't even seen Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, which is my favorite of the three. I'm sure she'll like that one, because she's into Arthurian legend.

Oh, but anyway. Back to Christmas. Christmas was good. Don't forget to read Danielle's Christmas post, too.

The office is really quiet today. I'd say two-thirds of the workforce took the day off. Sounds like a good day for a long lunch.