February 9th, 2004

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This weekend David and Danielle helped me paint my bedroom again.

You might remember back in November 2002 we painted it peachish orange, or, well, whatever you call that color we ended up with. After Danielle got her bedroom furniture moved out, I decided it was about time to fix that mistake before I bought new stuff. We had to put up a coat of primer, then two coats of the actual color. It was a big job.

It turned out quite similar to the color you voted for originally (maybe a bit lighter), but I haven't taken any new photos yet. The paint wasn't dry until this morning, so I haven't gotten a chance to take down all the masking tape and put the furniture back where it all belongs.

So, I had to sleep on the couch last night. I didn't sleep very well and I'm pretty tired and sore.

Tomorrow night I'm going to take David and Danielle out to dinner for helping me with my project. I definitely couldn't have done it without them.
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