March 2nd, 2004

The Oscars

I had some folks over to enjoy the Academy Awards in high definition. I printed up ballots to see who could guess the most winners. The prize: A small lamp.

But somehow I managed to guess 22 out of 24 awards correctly, so I'm stuck with the lamp.

I only missed best animated short (I thought the Dali thing would be a shoe-in) and adapted screenplay (I figured LOTR had to lose at least one category).

But more importantly, everone who came had a really good time. Danielle cooked up some treats, and I served my (almost) famous cocktail meatballs.
John Stewart

A New Icon... honor one of my personal heroes.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart is one of the best shows ever, and in my opinion, consistently has the best writing on television today.

So now I have my Jon icon ready whenever I wanna talk about something newsy.

That is all for now.